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paper cups factory and manufacturer in jeddah saudi arabia
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About Us

Our Factory was incepted in 2009 with a genuine objective of providing services and products in packaging industry with international standards that targets top local and multi-national companies. We are proud to be adding our share of value to the Saudi Arabian economy and we hope to continue adding value to our customers and business partners.


Key mile stones in our business


2009: Started operations with world class facility in terms of design and machines
2010: Approved Co-packer for Sadafco
2011: Key customers: Sadafco, ATS, L’Oreal
2012: Approved supplier for Mars Int & Sunbulah Group. New Key customers: Goody. 
2013: Approved Co-packer for Kraft Foods & Savola group. 1st co-packer to introduce fully automated     pouching machine. 
2014: Platinum “Netaqat” Status. 


The Square Basics


With our multinational consumer goods experience, we understand very clearly the importance of brands, and appreciate fully the value the consumer perceives in a high quality product. Our standard operating procedures ensure consistency of delivery. Also, employing a dedicated, fully qualified team working with the latest methods to handle specific areas of implementation, allows us to achieve an array of customized solutions according to specific requirements.


We believe brands are fun things to work with, and when it comes to packaging, we aim to put the fun into functional, so that when the consumer encounters the product, the experience from spotting it to unpacking it is as exciting as possible.
There’s a lot of room for creativity in our business, and we like to achieve it by complementing your ideas with our creative production capabilities. What we aim to achieve is a tailor-made solution that includes packaging, printing and promotional proposals that not only protect your brand image but also boost its in-store impact, by cutting through the clutter.


Our lean philosophy is a straightforward approach that aims to maximize value-adding activities and minimize waste. The way we see it is, the consumer wants to pay for the product, and should not be paying for operational inefficiencies on our part, so the less we spend on unnecessary extras, the less cost the consumer has to bear. Fair and square! 

To do this, it is vital to have the right people in the right places with the right tools, enabling them to do what they do best. This is why we have a team of specialized employees, a network of competitive suppliers, as well as product flow facilities including productivity tracking and reporting systems to eliminate waste and double handling.
We also offer a range of services that can help cut your costs, such as reverse co-packing; a smarter and more economical solution for slow moving products. We can customize plans according to specific trade channels in a very quick and agile manner, thus providing different solutions for retailers, as opposed to duty free channels and wholesalers if need be.


Our vision is to transform the co-packing industry into an integrated part of the value chain; therefore, our service offering is built on a strong principle of integration, inside out.

Working hand in hand with other parts of the value chain through project collaborations, business partnerships or by going as far as being embedded into third party logistics services, we focus on delivering customer needs by integrating our various creative and strategic disciplines. Taking the project or idea from its conception, seamlessly through to on-shelf delivery, thereby providing a smooth, cut-through operation, end to end.

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