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Packaging Design in jeddah saudi arabia
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Packaging Design

The discipline of package design focuses on producing containers that will get noticed. At Squarehead we pay also a special attention to how the client’s product will be placed in and about to all the aspects and issues related to its storage.

We always put efforts on meet our client’s specifications and requirements, of course providing you all our knowledge and skills, offering you the best consulting to fully achieve your expectations. In fact, packaging design is not just about looking good, it is technically oriented and requires a fairly in-depth knowledge of printing and production. Printing for packaging has some very specific limitations, and you need someone that could understand the production process. There are very specific constraints, and we design for them and integrate them into the whole process.

When we are going to design a new product, we always keep in mind that when the consumer is holding a product, it needs to be the exact same visual representation the marketing decision was based on in the beginning.

In order to achieve the goal, we will provide you step by step the 3D

concepts, artworks, mock-ups that will let you know exactly what is going on and let you decide on whether to continue in one direction rather than another.

To provide you a cost effective and well tailored service we split our Services on Standard and Optional.


Standard Services are applied when you have a clear mind on what you wish to be realized e.g. you already done a full preliminary marketing research, you have a solid and well-defined Branding design guideline to be followed.


Otherwise we will be delighted to provide you all our assistance by putting at your disposal our experience through our Optional Service.

Standard Services


Material advising

We will propose you the best option regarding the paper and other materials.

Key-line design

We will design the basic key-line for the packaging.


Artwork Design

We will design a creative artwork based on your specifications.

Working Model

We will make a physical blank model to see how it is made and how it will work.

Print preview (Chromaline)

We will provide you a clear printed preview (flat sheet) showing the exact colors will be used.

Optional Services


Full marketing consulting

Will put all our effort and knowledge to made a well detailed Marketing analysis: we will take into consideration your product attributes, the final consumer prospect, your competitors profiles and the Market demand. These steps will be taken with a view to ensure you the best and the most effective packaging.

Digital 3D Mock-up Design

The physical working model, as previously described, will show you how the packaging is made and how it is working, the 3D Model mock-up will display you

an extremely realistic preview on how it will look like. It will have also the advantage to get few credible information regarding the environmental conditions,

such the ambient lighting reflections on the packaging materials where it will be


Full material and printing specifications consulting

We will provide you a full or additional range of options about the materials and the printing options proposing you, bases on our experience, the best ones to get the finest result for the specific work.

Re-Branding Design and Product re-position.

Sometimes a new Packaging Design is the Company aim to re-positioning a specific product or brand on the market, in this case we can help assisting you and advising you on the matter. In some cases, a product re-positioning requires a brand resign renewal such a Logo and a general re-styling, in Squarehead we are ready to get your Branding Design into the next step.


Branding Design

Of course if you launching a new brand, product or service….we will unleash our creativity to offer you a New Branding Design worthy of your profile!

Copacking in jeddah saudi araia


Paper Cups

Paper Cups

Polyofelen POF Bags in jeddah saudi arabia

POF Bags

Packaging Design in jeddah saudi arabia

Packaging Design

Packaging Design Samples

Stan Up Pouch for Coffee Beans


Laminated Foil



Production lead-time:

6-9 Weeks

Cost Rating:


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